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University Photocommunications has a long tradition of communicating the University’s messages through photographic images. Evolving from the Communications Media Services unit in the 1960s, they have been relied upon to produce image-based communications for publications, displays, traveling exhibits and multi-screen multi-projector panoramic slide shows. In 1981 SIUC became one of the nation’s first universities to use video in its recruitment efforts.
Today, the staff of Photocommunications are known as the ‘go to’ team when great imagery is needed for a new view book, web site, institutional TV spot, or a video presentation for a legislative gathering. Recent technological advancements have all but eliminated the traditional distinctions between still photography and video/film production. With more than 120 collective years of experience the unit is staffed by creative professionals with baccalaureate and graduate degrees, as well as non-academic professional experience in both fields. They work interchangeably to produce digital imagery that is second to none - at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing such services.

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